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Why the name Tiny Dove? First and foremost The Dove is a symbol of peace & renewal, which is exactly what we hope you achieve from your Massage. Secondly Doves are faithful mates for life...We take marriage and family life seriously here. Last but not least, we have doves on our property...couldn't be more fitting!  We hope that your tiny bit of time here brings you Peace and renewal!!

Here at Tiny Dove our prices are firm. A lot goes into Licensed Massage Therapy...from the initial & ongoing education (CEUs) to the time spent making appiontments, working with you to achieve optimum health, homework, cleaning up after the client has gone...etc. Massage Therapy while being very fulfilling, can also be very draining (if done correctly). Do NOT expect your LMT to ask for minimun wage... 

Jessica Graduated from BlueCliff Career College where she spent 750 hours learning Massage Therapy with over 200 hours hands on experience.  

Jessica has a passion for Structural Integration, and has plans to further her education in that direction. Now Level 1 certified in Structural Integration.

Thank you for stopping by, and stay tuned for more!!


**We have a Strict Draping Policy! Here in Alabama it is the LAW! It's non negotiable!  HERE AT TINY DOVE, MASSAGE IS ENTIRELY THERAPEUTIC AND NON-SEXUAL IN NATURE. 

New Location: 393 Palm Coast Pkwy SW Unit #3 Palm Coast, FL 32164

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